Hello, I’m Traci Buxton!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and get to know me!  By this time next year, I hope to be serving you well on the Des Moines City Council.  Of course, that will mean I will need to earn your trust and respect (and votes 🙂 ).  My goal is for that to begin right here!

I am running for city council because for the last 35 years I have served this community in a myriad of ways, and this is just one more option!  I have dedicated my life to my family, friends, faith, education and work, and I have learned perseverance, gained wisdom, earned patience, and honed my business and administrative skills.  (Get more of the scoop on my life by clicking the “About” link at the top of the page.)  Serving my community is what I do and I will never stop.  Serving via the city council would simply be a terrific privilege.

As a contractor and real estate investor, I have respect for the tedious process of real-estate acquisition, development, assessment, rehabilitation and/or liquidation, and also great empathy for the individual home-owner who just wants to build a shed for heaven’s sake! Been there, done that.  We need people on city council who can relate to, and understand the needs and desires of investors, business owners and residents alike.

As a mom who has raised her kids (and dog) on the parks and trails of Des Moines, the preservation of both beauty and safety is of the utmost importance to me! I don’t ever want to take for granted those who defend and protect my life and property while I enjoy my incredibly beautiful community.  And hats off to those who keep it so gorgeous!

Conscientiously juggling the interests of community service, community development, public safety and public beauty is no simple task, but this is what the city council is destined to do.

This is what I feel compelled to do.  And, it is also what I feel prepared to do.

So, I’m inviting you to join, Team Traci!  Thoughts and prayers are so very cool.  But, if you send dollars, I will know your name and you will help me purchase signs and mailers in order to get the word out!  If you would like to send financial support, just click here!




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