Working to create a green, safe, destination community!

Thank you for taking the time to “click” by and get to know me!

Why I am Running for City Council

I am running for city council because I am a reasonable idealist who wants to help create a sustainably green, safe, destination community not only for ourselves, but for the heritage we will leave behind.

For the last 35 years I have served this community in a myriad of ways, while I have dedicated my life to my family, friends, faith, education and work.

As a mom who has raised my kids (and dog) on the parks and trails of Des Moines, the preservation of both our environment and our safety is of the utmost importance to me! I don’t ever want to take for granted those who defend and protect my life and property while I enjoy my incredibly beautiful community.  And hats off to those who keep it so gorgeous!

Over the last 35 years as a successful businessperson, contractor and real estate investor, I have gained respect for the tedious process of real-estate acquisition, development, assessment, rehabilitation and/or liquidation, and also great empathy for the individual home-owner who just wants to build a shed for heaven’s sake! Been there, done that.

We need people on city council who can relate to, and understand the needs and desires of investors, business owners and residents alike, and who can work to encourage a thriving and charming downtown and marina district!

How have I become a person who can do this?

Traci’s Childhood

Born in Seattle, raised in Tacoma, and transplanted to Des Moines as a young adult, Traci has never left the varied and stunning, Puget Sound.

Christmas 1966, Traci in blue.

Though she came from a twice broken home, she was loved and her parents were devoted, hard-working people who expected the same from their children.

She had the dubious privilege of attending (and living only two blocks from) Jason Lee Junior High School in the mid-70s – Tacoma’s hotbed of racial tension.  Like all difficult things we survive, she learned courage and empathy, she is glad for it, and it has  made for great stories!   In addition, she still fully enjoys a handful of fabulous friends who were comrades as far back as grade school!

Traci remembers her young adult years with a deep respect and love for her parents and a great appreciation for her educators!


Traci graduated from Stadium High School with a 4.0 her senior year.  She played the saxophone, worked hard as the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, and enjoyed tennis, running and her friends.

She then attended a small Bible College, earned a ThB, and went on to achieve an MMin. The closure of this college is part of a tragic and fascinating local story.  As she entered her 30s, she went back to school at Northwest University  to earn a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science and graduate Magna Cum Laude.


Traci’s google profile says that she is a renaissance woman.  Indeed.

Partially because she is insatiably curious and partially because she loves all new adventures, she has had an assortment of successful professions.  As an administrator and office manager, she enjoyed immersion in property security and management, the insurance industry, and the mental health industry.

As a State-certified fitness instructor and later a mental health professional with a long-standing commitment to those in recovery, she has been, “. . . awed by the incredible power of transformation in human beings.”

As a real-estate investor for over 35 years, Traci has a deep appreciation for people who work in every avenue of the realm; from the assessment, purchase, rehab, construction and permit process, to sales, and tedium of meeting budget and preparing for taxes. (Just for fun, about 30 seconds long, here’s one of her flips!)

In business, Traci has a reputation for being honest, conscientious, generous, and frugal.  In 2008 (December 31 to be exact), she was assigned to execute a multi-million dollar estate consisting of 22 properties (residential, commercial and land) that spanned three states and 7 counties.  The estate was land rich and cash destitute, saddled with foreclosure, liens, debt, and three years of past due IRS filings – and this was before the Big Short!

Through careful organization, respectful negotiating, clever developing, two audits (and 100s of miles of driving!), not an acre or building was lost – even through three years of recession!  And, everyone received a plentiful inheritance.  As a result of her work on testamentary sub-divisions, she was even able to provide a needed procedural manual to the City of Burien!

Though she reports gaining a few grey hairs, she was glad to have good friends and family!

Friends and Family

Four kids and a new daughter!

Traci is a lifelong adherent to the adage; “Make new friends, but keep the old . . .”  She says that having friends from as far back as grade school is a rare treasure, and, “The adventure of meeting new people almost weekly, never loses its charm!”  And the people in between?  Well, they have become her family!

She married in college to an incredibly diligent, kind and patient man, Jim Buxton.  They have raised four amazing young people who have become honest, hard-working citizens in their own right.  They enjoy not only having their kids (and grandson!) close by, but their extended family as well.

Community Service

One thing that has almost never been absent in Traci’s life is a commitment to serve and give. Whether she has been wrapping packages for the Children’s Orthopedic Guild, active as a youth leader, or working as a chaplain at Juvenile Hall or the women’s prison, she has always thoroughly enjoyed serving with and supporting people in her community.

As their family matured, it was not unusual to pack a van full of young people to participate in an event such as, Feed My Starving Children.
Their favorite era (so far) they called, “Boys’ Night.”  For almost four years, young men between the ages of 12 and 20 would convene at their home for field games, dinner, a speaker and more. Averaging 40 guys per week from all over the South Sound,  young people built a “tribe” that continues to encourage and strengthen each other today as they move into the next seasons of their lives.

Traci believes that pouring wisdom, hope, industry, and camaraderie into the next generation is what will create a secure and peaceful place not only for our personal lives, but our community and world.


Conscientiously juggling the interests of community service, community development, public safety and public beauty is no simple task, but this is what the city council is destined to do.

This is what Traci feels compelled to do.  And, it is also what she is prepared to do.

She is hoping you lock arms with her in working to keep our community beautiful, safe and productive!

Elect Traci Buxton for Des Moines City Council, Position #5!

Thank you!!

8 Comments on “ABOUT

  1. Congratulations Traci! I have total faith in your decision to serve and your commitment to follow through with each challenge placed in your path. There couldn’t be anyone stronger and more willing to serve the community. You would leave a wonderful legacy, as you already have with your friends and family.


  2. I don’t believe Desmoines has there own fire department! Thats one of the problem’s ‘ water and sewer same thing


    • Hi Bill! Thank you for your interest in our amazing community! Before I answer your questions, I need to know what exactly you are concerned about. It is true that Des Moines does not have its own Fire Department. We share with Federal Way (South King Fire and Rescue). What about this concerns you?

      It is also true that Des Moines does not rely completely on its own water. We have two districts that serve us; District 54 and also Highline (which is supplemented by Seattle Public Utility Water). What about this concerns you?

      Des Moines is served by Midway Sewer, but some of Des Moines is still on septic and Midway serves more that just Des Moines. What about this situation is frustrating to you?


  3. Hello I just have a quick question would you have approved or disapproved the pay parking down at the Des Moines Marina?


    • HI Ron and thank you for your interest and taking the time to write!

      With more background information, you might have actually phrased your question this way, “Will you be responsible and diligent to watch over the budget carefully enough so that you will ask critical questions and not allow inappropriate borrowing of funds?”

      Because this is what happened. The Marina is one of the most lucrative resources our city has. Our City stayed alive during the recession because funds from the Marina bailed us out. But while the City was using Marina funds, the bulkhead was quietly failing. Now we must fix it, but our surplus was spent during the recession.

      Paid parking was a distasteful answer to a difficult problem. The Marina is the jewel and hope of our City. If the bulkhead fails, our City suffers on so many levels.

      There may have been taxation answers, but paid parking spreads the costs to those who use the Marina. A recent study showed that 70% of the users of the Marina were non-Des Moines residents. This jmeans that a lot of our bulkhead will be paid for by non-residents – instead of a local tax.

      If I were on the council during the borrowing time, I would have worked to hold the administration accountable and brainstormed about a transparent plan for saving and planning ahead.

      Now, parking is here, and the Marina is actually becoming cleaner, quieter (after midnight) and a safer family destination. The lower night time activity releases our police to be on watch in other challenging areas of the City.

      That was a long answer, but I felt you deserved that information!

      I hope that was helpful!



  4. Traci, it was so good to see you again, when you came by our house while campaigning. Catching up is always fun, mostly. 😊
    I don’t know if you’ll see this, now that the election is over, but I wanted to congratulate you on your apparent win of the election. I wish you every success in your endeavour to make this great city of Des Moines an even greater place to live, work, shop in and visit.
    You are now the junior member on the council but please, don’t let anyone despise (look down upon or push down) your “youth”. Be an example in word, conduct… and spirit… wholehearted devotion…
    I (we) wish you the vey best and success.


    • Wow, Greg!

      It was so pleasant to visit with both of you and to catch up. Thank you for being such warm and hospitable hosts! You have great input and I appreciate your support and encouragement to be bold and brave. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as I move forward with courage, but also respect.

      Thank you for being amazing community members and parents! 🙂



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