“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because the  courageous* stand ready to face violence on their behalf.” – George Orwell*

I am one of those who sleeps peaceably and I never want to take it for granted.

I fully support our magnificent police force which has been continually vigilant in protecting our public through their work not only on the streets, but through their education, partnerships and policies.  Whether adopting “8-Can’t-Wait,” participating in de-escalation training, or moving forward streamlined filing and protection orders, body cameras, or a regional mental health partnership, our force has earned my solid applause and respect.

In addition, I believe that a truly safe community not only fights crime, but works to eliminate crime through:

  • providing housing, support, healthcare, education and transitional services to those wanting to come out of compromised lifestyles,
  • working to transform neighborhoods through attention to the environment, clean up efforts, lighting, and road and sidewalk improvement, and
  • collaboration with property owners and landlords to attend to abandoned property and reduce aggressive/transient residents.

My advocacy on the Executive Board of South King Housing and Homelessness Partners, on the Domestic Violence Initiative Task Force, and as the liaison to our Human Services Advisory Board has supported all of this work in our city and region.

*Original text by George Orwell: “People sleep peaceable in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”


Des Moines Creek Trail“They reach the realms of tranquil bliss.  Green spaces folded in with trees.  A paradise of pleasances.”  – Virgil

Virgil would have appreciated our vast array of green spaces folded in with trees and so many opportunities for “pleasances.”

My goal is to continue to create more green spaces and work to make sure that lost canopy is replaced in abundance.  I have done this as former Chair of our Environment Committee and through participation in boots-on-the-ground planting and invasive-removal events, as well as supporting educational events such as Stormfest, and advocating for our Urban Forestry Fund.

This fund, in partnership with Forterra, works to replace four-for-one every tree lost in development.  We cannot possibly create a direct oxygen and filtering replacement for our mature trees, but the future of these replants guarantees a greener future Des Moines with growing and sustainable opportunities for pleasances.

A Destination City

destination photo

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

I couldn’t agree more!  Growth and progress are what keep healthy cities from becoming worn out ghost towns.  Improvement, achievement, and success belong to all who desire to live well and are also some of the greatest gifts we can give to the next generation.

Though Covid has brought many cities to their knees, Des Moines is coming through as one of the most economically strong cities in our region.  This invites an exciting and thriving future, and has come about through strong leadership.  Willing to make difficult decisions that have prioritized our safety, infrastructure and our bottom line, we are now poised to move forward with community development that revolves around education, healthy commerce, suitable housing – – and plenty of recreation and entertainment!

As Vice Chair of the Soundside Alliance for Economic Development Policy Committee, participating on PSRCs Growth Management Policy Board, and with a voice on our Economic Development Committee, I am fully committed to advocate for the vibrant economic future of Des Moines!

Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 1.34.40 PM

3 Comments on “ISSUES

  1. the local environment in Des Moines would benefit from more recycling bins- in businesses and on the street by garbage cans -at parks–
    the city council has said they would do this years ago, but never really have – only a few at various spots


    • One more question – – I do know that there are several recycle cans, especially in our larger parks (I have helped empty them! 🙂 And, we cannot provide them to businesses on private property. Do you have specific locations in mind? Thank you!


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